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Copy Trade with one click


TraderWagon (TW) powered by Wagon Stocks Tita  is a platform that bridges the gap between expert and novice traders, allowing you to discover, follow and copy trades made by experienced traders from all over the world.
TraderWagon is not just a copy-trading platform, it is also a community of traders and investors where you can connect and interact with like-minded traders. Expand your trading circle and chat with some of the top traders in the world to discuss strategies and techniques that will help you become a better trader

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Automated Forex Trading Bots Made Easy

Wagon Stocks Tita Team of Forex traders with one mission: make a winning robot. After years of development, we have achieved our goal.

We now have to aim higher.

We want to share the work we’ve done and accrue resources so that we can make the software even more effective.

I hope that you join us on our mission to create the best trading system to ever hit the market. We know what we have in Wagon Stocks Tita is profitable and believe we can make all our clients successful regardless of skill level.

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